Hey there! I'm Gabe

I'm a software engineer who currently lives in West Palm Beach, FL. I've worked with multiple technologies across the entire stack and consider myself language and framework agnostic. I'm deeply passionate about my craft and I'm always striving to expand my toolset.

Campion is an edge-based serverless framework for implementing circuit-breaking functionality for synchronously called external services.

Campion gives engineers the peace of mind that should their synchronously called services fail, a failure is returned immediately, thereby sheltering their system from cascading failures, giving their failed services time to recover, and providing their end user with a better experience.

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Here's a few of my latest projects.

Ruby Rails 6 PostgreSQL Bootstrap

Team Tickets 📝

A project manager with ticketing, tagging, commenting, and status-changing ability. Team Tickets has a focus on efficiency, simplicity, beauty, and most importantly on getting the job done!

Javascript React

Airline routes ✈️

A beautiful application with a map that accurately displays airport locations based on latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates, that get updated instantaneously with every filtering and page change.

Javascript jQuery SPA

Peachy Contact Manager 🍑

A seamless, efficient, single page contact manager. It performs the bulk of its operations in memory, removing the need for expensive database interactions.

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